Saturday, June 15, 2013

Give Me More Headmen!

Larry Lieber and Vince Colletta
The seventh issue of Weird Wonder Tales was a book that was on my must-find and must-buy list for a few years after I learned that in those zesty reprint pages the vintage tales which spawned the notorious Headmen, of Defenders fame, first showed up together. It was this particular comic, which according to Marvel lore, inspired Steve Gerber to take a trio of the characters and fabricate a gang of opponents for his Non-Team.

The trio (Dr.Arthur Nagan, Chondu the Mystic, and Dr.Jerry Morgan) were joined by Ruby Thursday a few issues after their debut and the Headmen were complete. This gang of completely oddball but still dangerous personalities first battled the Defenders in issue twenty-one. The Headmen apparently too strange to feature on the cover.

Gil Kane and Klaus Janson
The original trio first showed their...ahem...heads in the following Atlas classics.

Dr. Jerry Nagan - Gorilla Man
Chondu the Mystic
Dr. Jerry Morgan - Shrunken Bones
The Headmen were wildly entertaining, bizarre and compelling. I miss villainy of this truly weird type, and I find from time to time I miss the offbeat writing of Steve Gerber.

Rip Off

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