Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flashy Finery!

Yesterday I came home after a dandy day with my wife and girls doing a bit of shopping and having some fantastic pizza when I find waiting for me on our porch the awesome volume above. It's the third Flash Gordon reprint volume of Alex Raymond's iconic hero from IDW and frankly these might books have to be seen to be believed. They are immense, large enough to almost feel like you're reading the material in the original format, which is the point.

It was especially ironic that I find Flash Gordon on my doorstep, since I'd just purchased for very very cheap the dvd collection of the short-lived 2007-2008 television series which tried to give the Flash Gordon franchise a dose of Smallville. It didn't take very well and frankly I remember watching the pilot and not liking it terribly much. But for the price of a fancy cheeseburger I am willing to try it again and perhaps I'll be surprised. I did in fact watch the two-part debut episodes last night and I do find some virtues here where I missed them before.

And for your viewing entertainment here are the lush and lustrous covers for the first two volumes in the IDW reprint series. There is one more to come, though I haven't yet seen it solicited, featuring the mug of Dr. Hans Zarkov. These are some of the most beautiful books I've ever owned. Outstanding.

Rip Off

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