Friday, June 14, 2013

Dojo In The Deep Woods!

I was more than a bit startled the other day when I was checking out the latest Hermes Press publication featuring reprints of Charlton's The Phantom series, to find that in the introduction by Don Mangus that this here little site was referenced. That's right, the Dojo has achieved the immortality of print and escaped the fleeting shackles of its digital universe.

Specifically Don referenced a comment I made about sales in this article about Pat Boyette's contributions to Charlton's Phantom series. Since I don't really make much pretense that this site is especially scholarly, I'd be hard pressed to find the source of my information at this time (I think it was at the mostly defunct Deep Woods site), but no doubt I read it somewhere, and as we know anything you read on the internet is true, and even truer if it gets published on actual real world paper. Thanks Don for giving my random thoughts the veneer of merit, I appreciate the shout out.

Rip Off


  1. You have become a Noted Authority (in print, yet)!
    Well done, old chum!

    1. With great power comes great responsibility.


      Rip Off

  2. right on, Rip--congrats! (along those same lines, I'm mentioned in the "thanks" section in Craig Yoe's upcoming Ditko Monsters: Konga book! )

    Don is a regular poster/commenter on my Charlton Comics group on facebook (along with many other pros such as Steve Skeates, Don Perlin, Paul Kepperberg etc). I post links to the Dojo on there regularly---stop by sometime and join in!



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