Saturday, June 8, 2013

Doctor Triclops!

Here's a surprising and also delightful sci-fi cover by John Giunta for the seventh and final issue of Archie's Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats. It offers up a slightly more serious run-in between a trio of explorers and a calculating and cruel three-eyed scientist. Below is the splash page.

And here's a link to read the compete story with art by Archie mainstay Dan DeCarlo.

The story is clearly an unofficial adaptation of sorts of the classic sci-fi movie Doctor Cyclops which also pits a gang of explorers against a mad scientist who wants to shrink them down for his own purposes. His name is the result of his giant status as well as  his exceedingly limited eyesight.

This story, clearly inspired by Homer's The Odyssey was adapted by Henry Kuttner for inclusion in a 40's issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories. Kuttner adpated the story from the film script.

That story proved popular enough to end up eventually in this 60's paperback collection, which thought enough of the story to headl line it, but not feature it in the cover art. Strange.

Rip Off

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