Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dick Tracy - The Collins Casefiles!

Dick Tracy is one of those venerable comics strips with a grand history of success which unfortunately has also had some extended periods of mediocre production. Chester Gould's hard-nosed detective has often been uninspiring, but then suddenly all that changes. Recently Joe Staton took over the artistic reins of the strip immediately making it one I crave to see.

Likewise years ago Max Allan Collins, now a crime writer of no small distinction had a run at writing the series. Checker Publishing put out some of the Collins run, featuring art by Rick Fletcher, several years ago in a trio of trade paperbacks. The prices on these were not nearly worth the quality or quantity of material each volume offered. But recently I found them all for a fraction of their cover price and dragged them home. At a combined price lower than the cost of a single volume, I'm willing to take a chance on some later Dick Tracy adventures.

Rip Off

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