Sunday, June 16, 2013


I hope all the dads who read the Dojo have a happy Father's Day. In the United States the role of father has long been diminished and compartmentalized to allow for a fully-functioning industrial society. But as the shift continues away from that 20th century outlook and the economy requires women to work outside the home more and more, dads seem to be becoming more central to all aspects of a kid's life, both early and late. Here is a look at the history of holiday.

Can a kid grow up to be a healthy and productive citizen without a dad? Sure,despite the claptrap which is all too easily tossed around in this discussion. But I suspect even those many many kids who do well would prefer it were not so.

I remember my dad each and every day. He was a hard-working and gentle-hearted man who didn't waste time with demonstrations of affection. But I don't ever remember thinking  he never loved me, even when we made him angry. That love was just part of the fabric of the home, as constant and immediate and refreshing as the water in the well and the food on the table. I am lucky to have known him.

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  1. Thanks! I hope you had a Happy Father's dad too.


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