Friday, May 31, 2013

The Green Ghosts!

Here's a fun British comic cover featuring Space Ghost and his two teenage comrades Jan and Jayce along with the omnipresent Blip. Here they are referred collectively as "The Space Ghosts", not something I think they were ever called. I never really thought of this gaggle of characters as a team, but I suppose you could well do.

The oddest thing though about the cover image is that all of them are colored a rather ghastly green. It may be just a coloring error as other parts of the costumes seem off too, or maybe an attempt to enhance the name of "Ghost" by giving the characters a somewhat more gruesome appearance.

Whatever the case, the original figures were lifted from this Alex Toth original artwork done in preparation for the cartoon show.  They are referred to on this art as the "Space Ghost Group"  which makes them sound rather like an overly hip musical outfit.

Rip Off

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