Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Golden Voyage Of Harryhausen!

It's with great sorrow I read of the passing of Ray Harryhausen. In these modern days awash with fantasy in cinema, print, and all manner of other media, it's difficult to remember those halcyon days when a Harryhausen movie was a rare trek into the fantastic and utterly awesome. It was his time-tested techniques which at once transported and connected the viewer to things before only describe in print or seen in static artwork. Harryhausen made it live, and live it has, lingering in the memory and for all time on the screen both large and small. Thanks Ray. Rest in peace.

And now for some of Harryhausen's best. It's time to break out the collection and give them another viewing.

Rip Off


  1. Just watched Sinbad & Eye of Tiger a couple weeks back. What larks! Always enjoyed this stuff.

    1. I have to get into the Harryhausen mood. This summer could be a good time to give these another look. It's been long enough. Eye of the Tiger and Clash of the Titans are the only Harryhausens I saw in the theater, they were a smash in that environment.

      Rip Off


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