Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Dandy" Dan Adkins!

It's a been a few days since I read of the passing of Marvel stalwart "Dandy" Dan Adkins. Many have written in praise of Adkins, quite appropriately so. I imprinted on his smooth sleek style early in my comics reading career, and he became a favorite artist. Sadly due to some dust-ups about his "swiping" other artists, well documented but far from uncommon, he largely stopped penciling and  focused on inking in his later career providing some of the best ever finishes for folks like Gil Kane, John Buscema, Jack Kirby, Rich Buckler, and others.

A member of Wally Wood's studio, Adkins seems to have been a mentor to many up and coming artists, and that as much as his fine images  will be his lasting legacy. Here's a small gallery of his Marvel work. It's more than a bit ironic that the Masters of Terror cover below is very much an intentional swipe of Jim Steranko's original cover for the color comic version; clearly Marvel saw the value in Dan's ability to copy another artist's work when it benefited the company. Enjoy the work of Dandy Dan!

Rip Off

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