Friday, February 1, 2013

Doomsday 2.0!

Just chanced across some intriguing news. John Byrne is revisiting an old concept he once upon a time cut his teeth on along with veteran Charlton scribe Joe Gill. Check out this link for news of the new series. Doomsday +1 is one of my all-time favorite sci-fi comics series, and I know this is true with a number of fans. The series burst onto the scene in the wild days of George Wildman's tenure at Charlton when new concepts were being thrown into the market with aplomb.

The series deals with Earth's post-apocalyptic future, the days after a nuclear exchange destroys civilization as it is commonly known. Three astronauts descend from their orbital seat for Earth's destruction meet up with a defrosted Goth warrior and find a world overcome with all manner of classic sci-fi threats from villainous cyborgs to alien invaders to undersea civlizations and so forth. 

Gill's steady hand on the scripts joined with Byrne's enthusiastic and brash storytelling made for a refreshing change of pace in the comics scene of the middle 70's. The candle burned very brightly on this comic and before you knew it, it was gone. But it was far from forgotten.

Now it seems Byrne has been enticed to give the general concept a reboot of sorts. In this four-issue limited we get not three but seven astronauts. No mention of any thawed barbarians, but I hope we get a new rendition of Kuno some way. I'm eager to read this new rendition by Byrne, and hope it captures even a bit of the magic which quickened the original so brightly.

To get a bigger sample of these classics, check out this link.

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