Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spy Smashing!

Spy Smasher is one of those movie serials I've long heard is really outstanding, perhaps the best serial of all time. I've never seen it myself, never being able to find it nicely priced. But I need to rectify that and now I can. Here's a link to the complete flick. Above is a 1942 issue of the comic featuring the hero battling a dragon of sorts - a "Jap Devil Dragon". Sheesh!

Kane Richmond who plays the Fawcett WWII "superhero" is an outstanding action star in the movies I have been able to catch from that era. He's certainly the most dashing. This issue features Richmond in a photo on the cover.

Nice poster art!

Perhaps it will give me as much pleasure as Spy Smasher #7 seems to be giving to the famous comedy duo of Laurel and Hardy.

Rip Off

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