Friday, September 21, 2012

Marvel's Greatest Reprint!

Jack Kirby and John Verpoorten hooked up to produce a real slam bang action cover for this reprint of the Fantastic Four taking on the Frightful Four in Marvel's Greatest Comics #28.

It sure is a lot more action filled than the original more sedate cover by Kirby and Chic Stone for Fantastic Four #36 which puts the emphasis on suspense.

Rip Off


  1. I prefer the original because the Evil FF seem more creepy in their physicality. There's something (ahem) inhuman about the way they're descending or scaling the Baxter Building.

    Marvel's Greatest Comics was one of my childhood favourites after Marvel Super-Heroes.

  2. They are both awesome covers for different reasons. I have a lot of the Marvel's Greatest Comics, but I'm missing that one.

  3. They also had a great new kirby cover for mgc 27.As well, they did some great recoloring on some of the old covers,such as ff 39,reprinted as ggc 31, that were better then the original,in my opinion.

  4. Oddly enough, the MGC cover reminded me more of the two-story arc from FF #s 41-42. I'm very fond of the new Kirby cover for MGC, but I wonder if he didn't have the later story in mind?

  5. I do like the reprint cover better than the original. However, while I don't mind word balloons on the cover (like any people do) I think Reed's words are either unnecessary or would be better as a caption rather than having him state something that must be obvious to all character on the cover.

  6. I like both covers very much, but prefer the original by the slimest of margins. I do agree, that this was the best reprint cover Marvel did on the FF.


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