Monday, September 3, 2012

Labors Of Love!

Giant Labors of Love is a cool collection of old-fashioned mimeographed fanzine features. As someone who briefly operated an APA-zine on mimeo, I get how hard it can be to create a handsome project on this tedious outdated medium.

The Eye created by Biljo White is one of my favorite heroes ever, a creation with a vigorous pulp vibe. Thanks to Bill Schelly's Hamster Press, I've been able to get hold of most if not all of The Eye's adventures. I recommend them to one and all fans of vintage comics.

The "Expanded" collection I own was developed from this 1990's edition.

The name "Labors of Love" has been used by Schelly a few times, once for a collection of writings about the beloved fan creations of Silver and Bronze Ages. Any of Schelly's Hamster books are solid reads, and solid entertainment.

And for good measure here's another vintage image, an ad for The Eye!

Rip Off

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