Sunday, September 2, 2012

Heroes Of Sherwood!

In Charlton's The Partridge Family #5 from 1971, dubbed the "Summer Special" issue, we get the finely hewn artwork of Don Sherwood. In the story "Reuben Gets the Nostalgia Bug" we follow Reuben Kincaid, the Partridge's sometime hapless manager as he reminisces about the heroes of his youth, the heroes of radio and the big and small screens. Many of these are featured in what amounts to a series of small poster images. Below are a few of those.

There's something attractive in Sherwood's admittedly static thin line work. I find it very attractive. Sherwood later did a newspaper feature titled "Return With Us To..." very similar to the work here, dealing in nostalgia, so I imagine this might have either been inspired by that work, or merely points to Sherwood's extreme interest in the subject.

Rip Off

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