Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marvel Firsts The 1960s!

Here is one recent reprint volume from Mighty Marvel which caught my attention. There are a ton of classic Marvel debuts included here and they are in chronological order. That's always a neat way to read these old tales, it gives a neat historical perspective to how the ideas unfolded back then. What really drew me to this volume, since I also own Fantastic Firsts from about a decade ago, is the inclusion of the Western stars among other less well known Marvel characters.

The cover was derived from this vintage Marvel ad, a neat bit of retro coolness all by itself.

Here are the covers of the comics included in this volume either in whole or part. Another neat thing is that between stories, other books of note are given a call out with a bevy of cover galleries.

Rawhide Kid August 1960

Amazing Adventures - Dr.Droom June 1961

Fantastic Four November 1961

Tales to Astonish - Ant-Man January 1962

The Hulk May 1962

Amazing Fantasy - Spider-Man August 1962

Journey Into Mystery - Thor August 1962

Strange Tales - The Human Torch October 1962

Two Gun Kid November 1962

Tales of Suspense - Iron Man March 1963

Sgt.Fury & His Howling Commandos May 1963

Strange Tales - Dr.Strange July 1963

The Avengers September 1963

X-Men September 1963

Tales to Astonish - The Wasp January 1964

Tales of Suspense - The Watcher January 1964

Daredevil April 1964

Tales of Suspense - Captain America November 1964

Tales to Astonish - Sub-Mariner August 1965

Strange Tales - Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD August 1965

Ghost Rider February 1967

Marvel Super-Heroes - Captain Marvel December 1967

Captain Savage & His Leatherneck Raiders January 1968

Silver Surfer August 1968

Marvel Super-Heroes - Ka-zar March 1969

Marvel Super-Heroes - Dr.Doom May 1969

A beautiful collection of grand stories in glorious color. With this collection you can really get a sense of the sweep of the Marvel Universe as it developed and matured. The inclusion of relatively unsuccessful series such as the Watcher and Captain Savage, really allows a broader view of what was going on at the time. When companies only reprint their hits, it makes it seem like no experimentation was going on. There was quite a bit going on at Marvel in the Silver Age, and this collection does a grand job of showcasing it. The cover galleries do a good job of filling the gaps for genre books like Millie the Model and such.

Marvel has two volumes upcoming this year focused on the 1970's, and at this point I need to plan to add them to the collection.

Rip Off


  1. Words can't describe how much I want these books.

  2. I picked this volume up and put it down a few times. The price point (thirty bucks) was a bit of a problem, but I got a discount the day I bought it, so that helped.

    The heft of the volume and the paper stock are perfect (sometimes it's too thick) as far as I'm concerned. If the 70's volumes are as good as this I'll have to find a way to add them.

    I wish you well in your search.

    Rip Off

  3. Got the 60s volume for Christmas and am loving it--though I can't figure out why the Guardians of the Galaxy were left out...

    Big surprise--I'm REALLY looking forward to the two 1970s volumes. ;D

    Happy New Year, Rip! Keep on truckin', baby!

  4. The loss of the Guardians was a big disappointment for me too. But the Inhumans were ignored also. I accept that everything cannot be put in, but having that Guardians tale in a quality trade would have been sweet.

    Rip Off

  5. I've got the hardbound, slip-case edition of Fantastic Firsts, but I have to say that the Marvel Firsts: The 1960s volume has used better quality proofs than its predecessor. A must-have for any true Marvelite.


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