Friday, January 20, 2012

King Of The Apes!

I think this just might be the single greatest comic book page of all time. Published by Charlton Comics in the back of Reptisaurus #4, this page likely drawn by Charlton stalwart Bill Molno, features the coolest ape to ever grave a comics page, and nothing is cooler than an ape who knows what he wants in life.

Let's take a closer look.

Nothing is finer than waking up refreshed, invigorated, and...let's face it... cool.

Grabbing a bite with a significant other is the best way for any cool ape to start the day.

This translates roughly to "That is the coolest ape I've ever seen my friend."

Finding a little private time is important to staying keen throughout the day, and keeping that cool edge.

Cool apes don't have to pay for their pleasures. A cool ape takes what he wants.

Especially when he can enjoy the finest smokes in all the world. Now that's cool.

We salute the world's coolest ape, the King of the Apes indeed.

So true!

Rip Off

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