Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

This is of course the latest year of the apocalypse, so it might be best to be cautious as the year unfolds. We'll see.

2011 has been in many respects a better year for me and mine. The jobs picture improved somewhat, at least financially for my girls and for myself.

My youngest was able to hang onto a teaching job she loved after some questions about that last spring. My eldest found a new teaching job which means better pay, but sadly has resulted in another stressful work environment. They are both facing up to the challenges with aplomb and hopefully things will continue to improve.

My wife's health issues have stabilized. She just finished a new regimen which, with luck, will decrease her chronic pain significantly. It'll will take some time to schedule things, but hopefully in a month or two at most she will be finding some substantial improvement.

After twenty years at the same school, I finally went looking for work and found it at a terrific place. Actually I looked last year and they called me this time when they needed someone. That was flattering. So far things have gone very well, and I can only hope they will continue. I traded some terrible bosses for some terrific ones, and that makes a big difference in how I approach my day.

So things have been improving. We had a smidge more disposable income this past Christmas after a few spare one, though there is no doubt that economy is still the order of the day. As 2012 unfolds, I want to focus on reading books I already own and watching movies and television shows I have waiting on my shelves. I have lots to read, and lots to watch. But I'm sure I'll find more alas.

This blog will continue with a focus on many things but often Charlton Comics as always. This past year I was able to at long last finish detailed reviews of E-Man and Yang from the George Wildman era. This coming year I hope to dip into the Pat Masulli years at Charlton and take a close look at Son of Vulcan, Blue Beetle and others.

So it will be full steam ahead. Stay tuned.

And keep your head down. Those wacky Mayans make me nervous.

Rip Off


  1. Happy New Year, Rip! All the best for 2012.

  2. Back at ya amigo! Thanks for the kind wishes!

    Rip Off

  3. Happy New Year! A year without Rip's Dojo would feel like an apocalypse to me.

  4. Best wishes of the year to your daughters, your wife, and your good self!


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