Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hang Loose Heroes!

This is one of the great images created by Big John Buscema featuring the Assemblers. His bold approach here is impressive and the dynamics of these characters as they blast into view is intoxicating. Heroic figures swinging at the viewer, all beautifully interlaced.

The drawing appeared as a two-page spread in Avengers Annual #2.

But as this scan reveals, there is a slight change to the original. If you look in the corner, you'll see another hero has been added to this awesome assembly. Hercules, the Prince of Power makes the scene, but he seems oddly out of joint here.

Buscema did a magnificent job of fusing these heroes together, but sadly the last minute interpolation of the Hercules figure has him jumping furiously but in the wrong direction.

Still and all, it's a mighty impressive picture.

There's a suggestion that Bill Everett inked this image. If so, I think it's most evident when you look closely at Quicksilver's feet. I see Everett's influence there for sure.

Rip Off


  1. It's definitely Everett.
    Besides Quicksilver's feet, look at the Scarlet Witch's face.
    Nobody did womens' eyes and lips like Everett.

  2. He did have a way. Everett's stuff in the Golden Age and the 50's is so far beyond most of his peers it's crazy. Even in his last stint on Subby he was fantastic! Loved that last hurrah!

    Rip Off

  3. Inked by Everett who also drew and inked the Herc figure. I've been looking for this original for decades.


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