Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Jack Gaughan

With all the attention the John Carter movie is about to give to the Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom novels, it might be a good time to dig out a copy of Robert E. Howard's contribution to this genre. It's an odd novel (a rare form for Howard) titled Almuric. It was serialized in Weird Tales and first published in the 60's.

I first read it when Roy Thomas and Tim Conrad adapted a version for Epic Comics, and later I read the real deal. It's been a while and it might time to give the other-worldly adventure of Esau Cairn another go.

Here's a link to an online version of the story.

Here's a small cover gallery.

Jeff Jones

Richard Clifton-Dey

Ken Kelly

Andrew Hou

Here is some artwork from Conrad's adaptation.

Tim Conrad

Rip Off

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