Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Shadow Reports #7

The Shadow #6 is titled "Night of the Ninja" and is again by the team of Denny O'Neil and Mike Kaluta, and as you likely suspect it pits The Shadow against some of the infamous Asian assassins.

The tale begins in Chinatown and the deaths of some minor drug figures by a masked Ninja. The Shadow intervenes in time to save one of the three junkies, but the Ninja escapes. Next we follow Lamont Cranston as he meets G. Oyle Proud a candidate for District Attorney who has (ahem) just returned from the Orient and is anxious to clean up the city. (Can you see this one coming?)The Shadow sends his agents into Chinatown where they a young woman who had just lost her father at the hands of the Ninja but she turns out to be pretty dangerous herself. Harry Vincent gets drugged, the D.A. disappears and the Shadow is dodging deathstars left and right. As it turns out Proud is the culprit, hoping to increase his profits in drug smuggling by killing off his partners. Needless to say the Shadow brings him to justice in a most final manner.

The artwork by Mike Kaluta is a bit scratchy in this one, and as it turns out it's his final bow on the character in this initial DC run, at least on the interiors.

More to come.

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