Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tarzan And The Eighth Wonder Of The World!

I have not yet read King Kong Vs. Tarzan by Will Murray but I think I will soon as a way to ready my spirit for the upcoming feature film Kong Skull Island which opens in just under a month and frankly looks rather awesome. Take a gander.

Re-imagining the saga of King Kong is essential to allowing the franchise to grow. One of the fundamental powers of the original is its quite definitive ending, so finding ways to expand the saga without undermining that fantastic finale is critical. Murray's story takes a slice of the story which is ignored in the classic movie and only alluded to in other sources, the transportation of Kong to New York City. In this tale the great ape finds his way into the mythic jungle of Tarzan and the, as they say, it's on.

I rather hope this second Tarzan opus is better than Murray's last outing Return to Pal-Ul-Don which I desperately wanted to love but which beat me down with a plot far too slender for its size, pages and pages of the same finally disengaged me from Tarzan's efforts to penetrate the deadly land created by Burroughs so many decades ago.

With Kong on the march though, that shouldn't be a problem. I hope.

Rip Off


  1. Did you read the 2 Doc Savage/Shadow books by Murray? I missed those but was curious what you thought of them and about how they melded together. (They seem to be well liked on Amazon.)

    1. I read the first one and enjoyed it mightily. There was a neat back and forth between the Shadow and Doc worlds. I have the second, but haven't read it yet. Hopefully later this spring.

      Rip Off


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