Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Panther's Rage - Cold Wastes!

After the counter attack on the home village of Erik Killmonger, the Black Panther tries to take the initiative in this ongoing war in his kingdom. He leaves his aides and Monica Lynne behind and heads into to the frozen mountains led by two of Killmonger's less capable solidiers, the comedic duo of Tayete and Kazibe. The press into the mountains,  the domain of the mythical White Apes. He finds Killmonger's forces and the secret of his weird allies, an altar errected over the radioactive output of a long-forgotten meteor.  But in a battle with his foe and his weird ally Sombre he is diverted by attacks from deadly wolves which stalk the frozen landscape. Left for dead he fights off the attacks but his fate is left hanging.

Surviving the wolf attacks and using their pelts to survive the deadly cold the Panther returns to the weird altar and confronts Killmonger's ally Sombre who captures him and puts him in the lair of the deadly White Gorillas, a small band of the creatures made ferocious by having long been fed the unfortunates who died on the altar which bred Killmonger's bizarre allies.

The Panther is in for the fight of his life as the Gorillas are ferocious, but once again he survives to pursue Killmonger who has left the coldness of the mountains for a different land altogether.

It's in these issues that we bet more of a glimpse into the background of Killmonger's operations and for me it shows what a deadly cult of personality he had constructed across the broad and diverse landscape of Wakanda. Sombre is his high priest, a deadly fanatic who is more than ready to kill to progress his agenda. That lack of concern for others is what makes him a villain and it's what defines Killmonger too.

"Panther's Rage" continues tomorrow.

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