Saturday, December 31, 2016

Not Of This World!

When you think about it, having your typical superhero hail from the deep reaches of outer space is a pretty nifty way to explain extra-normal powers and whatnot. But I bet the potency of the Superman myths as well as the long reach of DC's legal department kept many an enterprising young creator from using that easy method to explain why their hero could leap into the sky and survive bullet barrages and such stuff as that. Nonetheless there have been a goodly number of heroes who do come to Earth from the depths of outer space (sometimes inner space in fact) and this gallery brings you some of them. Not just the Guardians of the Galaxy (the darlings of the moment) and the long-suffering Captain Marvel, but many many more. Even including a certain Son of Krypton himself. Enjoy!

(Not a real cover. But a great character nonetheless.)

Rip Off


  1. Some great covers there - I have about eleven of these issues, used to have one or two more.

    1. Some beauties here. The one I really want is the Wander comic which doesn't exist but ought to. Those stories need a bigger audience.

      Rip Off


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