Sunday, December 4, 2016

Live Kree Or Die - J'Accuse!

The saga of the Kree continues in Fantastic Four #65. After the surprising defeat of Sentry 459, the Kree who claim to have all but forgotten their long lost outpost on Earth, a planet often referred to by various Kree as a "backwater" feel they must act. Since no slight, even on a "backwater", must go without consequences, Ronan the Accuser is dispatched to investigate and bring summary judgement to the party or parties responsible.

With the advent of Ronan we see really for the first time the Kree personality revealed. He is confident, bellicose, and indifferent to any species not of his own race. Ronan appears to reflect official Kree policy and feels that it is fit and proper that he render judgment and deliver punishment to anyone he chooses, if it is imagined they have impugned the Kree.

When Ronan lands on Earth he creates a cone of isolation and it is there that he wages a ferocious battle against the FF who seem barely able to survive against the raw personal strength of Ronan and the awesome power of his hammer-like "Universal Weapon". But working together they are able to bring him to the ground and at this point Ronan withdraws, the conflict with the Kree left unsettled.
That settlement will come some time later in the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes and the coming of Captain Marvel.

Ronan has become a rather fascinating character over time. His cult of purity which comes to define the militaristic Kree really was adapted well to the big screen where he became one of the better villains realized yet in the Marvel movies.  He has acolytes but it's pretty clear that no one likes him even a little bit, even if they fight for him.

Next we travel in time to 1969 when another Sentry makes a brief but deadly appearance. 

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  1. Ronan the Accuser is currently appearing
    in the Spider-Man comic strip.

    1. Fantastic! Thanks for the link. Ronan looked really good in that strip and was surprisingly threatening in a strip that really rather underplays the danger for whimsy.

      Rip Off


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