Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Strange Tales!

This is going to be an exceedingly strange month at the Dojo. Here in these United States we are having an election (if you haven't heard) and you can expect me to comment on the outcome of that spectacle. I've been silent in recent months because all this rigamarole simultaneously bemuses and bewilders me. That the folk of these U.S. could be so blatantly gullible makes me ache at times for a bright light of clarity to shine through. We've had eight years of relative calm and I'm going to miss that.We have either four years of utter chaos or four years of congressional hearings to endure going forward. Arrrgh!

Just picked up the neat little trade collection of the earliest Lee-Kirby SHIELD stories and this seems a good a time as any to revisit those yarns and soon after the great stuff Steranko built his rep on. And I've had this Sgt.Fury Essentials volume laying around for a few years now. The Commandos might be howling my name.

I've been reading Doctor Strange stories too, some of the earliest by Lee and Ditko and loving how the character grows and develops in those hidden classics. Bill Everett, Marie Severin, Dan Adkins, and Gene Colan all contributed to the Doctor's early career too.

With the movie coming out in a few days this seems a nifty moment to focus on the good Doctor. His career in the book he took over eventually is also up for grabs and I might have to take a look at early Defenders too, those comics are so much fun and I haven't read them in many years now. Been meaning to do a piece on "The Clash" for many moons. So to begin the month expect lots of Doc.

I have several collections which have accumulated over the last few months and I think November will be the prime time to get to work on those. Black Lightning and Machine Man and the jungle misadventures of The Black Panther, Tarzan and other collections call my name, so expect some reports along those lines if things work out. But I might change my mind, you never know.

In the "Favorite Covers" section I've been wanting to do a gallery featuring the work of the enormously influential if not prodigious Jim Steranko. Look for some of his best from more than just comics to show up as the month unfolds. I might even get around to reading some SHIELD stories and other Steranko classics to boot. Who knows?

So as the leaves continue to fall form the trees yet again and the winter looms just a little but not so much, I'll keep turning them and report back. Stay tuned and whatever you do hang loose amigos!

Rip Off


  1. Replies
    1. It's been run to read these stories again. I hope my posts do them justice. Thanks as always for checking in.

      Rip Off

  2. Looking forward to all your future posts, Rip. Regarding Dr. Strange, did you buy the Omnibus version? It's superb.

    1. Afreid not. Those volumes seem overwhelming to me, too big really to enjoy. I dug out my Essential volumes, though an Epic tome would've done the job nicely.

      Rip Off


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