Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SHIELD - The Day Of The Druid!

The Druid is one of those missed opportunities. When the mysterious Satan Eggs show up and blow up a plane they seem to be a real threat and we quickly learn that they are the emissaries of a deadly cult which functions as a high-tech variation on the ancient druid cults of ancient times. They are lead by a distinctive looking character called the Druid.

But the threat is quickly tracked and quelled and the Druid proves to be far less impressive when he attempts to go one-on-one with Nick Fury. The Druid cult and their weird Satan Eggs are merely diversion in SHIELD's long war against villainous types.

These issues are probably most interesting in the long run for the debut of Jasper Sitwell, the top graduate of SHIELD's academy and a rather funny counter to Fury's shoot-from-the-hip style. Jasper has always been a fave of mine, a nerd who was capable of some true mayhem but easily discounted because of his precious appearance.

Don Heck does some pretty fine work over Kirby's layouts in these issues (with the help of inker "Mickey Demeo" - that's Mike Esposito actually), the two of them almost always delivering to my eye a handsome end product. Wished they'd worked more together. 

Next up is the threat of THEM.

Rip Off

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