Saturday, November 12, 2016

Run For The Border!

I have passing fancies, sometimes I'm in the mood for lush fantasies and sometimes I want to get hold of some good hard science fiction and sometimes I'm in the mood for noir detective stuff or even a good old western romp. Border Worlds is a taste of all of that. A rich somber story of one woman's journey in a dark and dangerous environment in the cold of space (where no one can hear you scream I've been told) and finds herself all too often alone in a political tug of war.

Don Simpson, the creator and maestro of Megaton Man started these stories in the back pages of that famed Kitchen Sink series and they soon enough catapulted into a brief but potent black and white mini-series which ran seven issues. He ended the saga of Jenny Woodlore to focus on better paying work at DC and elsewhere and an already prepared eight issue appeared later. There's more of this story to tell I'd suspect and I'd love to see what has been told gathered together and become available in the trade market. I read that Dover might be making it available in the next year, hope so. (Actually I found a pre-order listing for it at Amazon for later in 2017.) I have the issues still, but I just love to read trades and this story deserves a larger audience. Simpson is an artist who has truly changed over the intervening years and I don't know if he's capable now of evoking the mood here anymore, but I'd love to think so. He like other veteran talents, John Byrne for instance, have abandoned that rustic energy of their early work for a more polished modern approach. The atmosphere of these early Border Worlds episodes is palpable.

Check out the covers.

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