Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Batman And Robin Two!

It began as a dream. Robin falls asleep and imagines his world rocked by the marriage of Batman and Batwoman (Kathy Kane). This story seems to trigger an idea which had clearly been lurking in the mind of Bill Finger and other Bat-writers. In a series of stories drawn with panache by Sheldon Moldoff, they concoct a world in which it is a generation later than then current DC reality, a world in which Batman and Batwoman have retired after long and successful careers. The long-married couple then turn over the reins of the family business (crimefighting) to Dick Grayson who take son the role of Batman II aided by Robin II. Robin II though is in fact a son, ginger-haired Bruce Wayne Jr. The conceit throughout the rest of these stories is that Alfred is creating fiction, busily typing away he concocts a series of tales (most not cover featured) which recount the adventures of Batman II and Robin II as they face off again Joker II and are helped by Batwoman II. Sometimes the stories end up helping the current team solve a problem, but more likely they are just flights of fancy which predict a future which while likely given the circumstances of the time are actually not going to happen.

These stories have a whimsy to them that makes them hum right along at a brisk pace. The logic of stories like these are always to be taken with a giant grain of salt. The best of the Superman imaginary tales have an emotional center which elevates the proceedings, but alas the Batman tales generally settle for clever.

Rip Off


  1. I remember reading some of these tales as a kid in primary school and finding the idea quite intriguing. However, I'm sure that if such a thing were ever to happen, the successors would simply call themselves Batman & Robin, not Batman II and Robin II. Was it ever explained in the stories how the Joker's son had white skin and (presumably) severed facial muscles the same as his dad, or was the resemblance just an uncanny coincidence?

    1. He's just drawn that way all the way through -- no explanation.

      Rip Off

  2. Replies
    1. The best comics are those we all had when we were young. They leave a mark like no other.

      Rip Off


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