Sunday, August 7, 2016

Finger Lickin' Goods!

Evidently DC Comics is publishing some comics for the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, and the cover above is the latest.

It's a hoot and half, one of the myriad swipes of the classic Justice League cover by Kevin Maguire and Terry Austin from many years ago now.

Here is what I suppose is the first issue of this run, another taken on a classic but less obvious. KFC (the name Kentucky Fried Chicken has used now for a few decades) The chain of fast-food stores found a footing in the burgeoning market many decades ago with its tasty take on Southern fried chicken and rather novel technique to infuse the flavor into the meat.

Being a boy of Kentucky, aside from the Kentucky Derby, this is the things most folks across the globe likely associate with my state (actually it's a commonwealth if anyone cares...naw, even we don't). Colonel Harland Sanders, a man who himself passed away over thirty-five years ago has become an iconic character now portrayed by an array of actors and comedians (Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan, and recently George Hamilton as the "Extra Crispy Colonel"). He is a symbol like Ronald McDonald and Burger King, but unlike those two he was once upon a time a real live man.

The original store, where he started his operation was once only a few miles from my house and it's definitely off the beaten path these days, having long ago been by-passed by the highway system. But the Colonel, who sold his company long before his demise ended his days in comfort and now decades later still is likely one of the most famous Americans in the world.

Here are a couple of Colonel Sanders comics from 1969 and 1970.

For this kind of promotional comic, they look pretty good. Perhaps, even finger lickin' good.

Now I'm hungry!

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  1. Those look like fun comics...though I must confess I've never been comfortable with turning Harland Sanders into an animated cartoon mascot or having him played by actors, because the real person was an icon of mine. And me a Jewish boy from New York City! Go figure. Here's an article about how interesting he really was:

  2. I think the "Colonel Corps" is absolutely brilliant.

  3. Kentucky also has the Creation Museum. Even over here in the UK we've heard of that infamous museum which has models of dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden.

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  5. I recall reading a blog about "my story of meeting a famous person." The author wrote about how his mother worked at one of the original KFCs, and one day they had a visit from the Colonel himself.

    Apparently, the Colonel sampled the mashed potatoes by sticking his hand in the vat of potatoes and taking out a fistful to eat... after pinching the ass of every woman who worked at the restaurant.


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