Sunday, July 24, 2016

The U.S.S. Stevens Docks!

(First Appearance of U.S.S. Stevens on a comic book cover.)
Dover Books has released a truly significant comic book volume,  U.S.S. Stevens The Collected Stories by Sam Glanzman.

These are sobering tales of war from the perspective of sailors during World War II. This tome arrived at my house via the U.S. Postal Service (thanks be to the Postal Service) and it's awesome. A hardback book with four hundred or so beautiful pages of Glanzman artwork. At ninety plus years of age, Sam Glanzman is a living legend in the comic book field (I've adored his work since first finding it in the pages of Charlton's Hercules at the tender age of ten) and it's grand to see his truly important work find a more permanent place for readers of fine comics to enjoy for years to come. Dover Books and the folks involved with this book such as Drew Ford and Jon B. Cooke are to be congratulated. Thanks gentlemen for making this possible and thanks to Sam Glanzman for producing something of lasting significance in a field which all too often is littered with disposable trash.

And don't forget to pick up this lush trade, A Sailor's Story which gathers the two U.S.S. Stevens graphic novels Glanzman produced for Marvel. 

Get these books!!!

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  1. Glanzman did both the cover and interior story for that issue of Dell's Combat (#24, 1967)
    It's never been reprinted, unless it's a bonus in the Dover book.


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