Monday, June 6, 2016

The Books Of Bronze!

Thanks to Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books I have finally at long last fulfilled a lifelong dream and read the whole of the original canon of Street and Smith's Doc Savage pulp series. I loved the Marvel Comics adaptations and got those as they appeared. I picked up a few paperbacks when I was young, but never really pursued it with any gusto. When I checked into collecting them, I despaired ever finding them all.  It has taken ten long years, but with an average of two novels a month thanks to Tollin's heroic publishing efforts, I have finally accomplished that goal with the reading of the final volume and the final original story Up From Earth's Center. It was not some master plan which allowed me to complete the project of ten years on my birthday, but I do find some small meaning in that. It's a grand way to celebrate yet another year on the planet.


Mar. 1933 The Man of Bronze
Apr. 1933 The Land of Terror
May. 1933 Quest of the Spider
Jun. 1933 The Polar Treasure
Jul. 1933 Pirate of the Pacific
Aug. 1933 The Red Skull
Sep. 1933 The Lost Oasis
Oct. 1933 The Sargasso Ogre
Nov. 1933 The Czar of Fear
Dec. 1933 The Phantom City

Jan. 1934 Brand of the Werewolf
Feb. 1934 The Man Who Shook the Earth
Mar. 1934 Meteor Menace
Apr. 1934 The Monsters
May. 1934 The Mystery on the Snow
Jun. 1934 The King Maker
Jul. 1934 The Thousand-Headed Man
Aug. 1934 The Squeaking Goblin
Sep. 1934 Fear Cay
Oct. 1934 Death in Silver
Nov. 1934 The Sea Magician
Dec. 1934 The Annihilist

Jan. 1935 The Mystic Mullah
Feb. 1935 Red Snow
Mar. 1935 Land of Always-Night
Apr. 1935 The Spook Legion
May. 1935 The Secret in the Sky
Jun. 1935 The Roar Devil
Jul. 1935 Quest of Qui
Aug. 1935 Spook Hole
Sep. 1935 The Majii
Oct. 1935 Dust of Death
Nov. 1935 Murder Melody
Dec. 1935 The Fantastic Island

Jan. 1936 Murder Mirage
Feb. 1936 Mystery Under the Sea
Mar. 1936 The Metal Master
Apr. 1936 The Men Who Smiled No More
May. 1936 The Seven Agate Devils
Jun. 1936 The Haunted Ocean
Jul. 1936 The Black Spot
Aug. 1936 The Midas Man
Sep. 1936 Cold Death
Oct. 1936 The South Pole Terror
Nov. 1936 Resurrection Day
Dec. 1936 The Vanisher

Jan. 1937 Land of Long JuJu
Feb. 1937 The Derrick Devil
Mar. 1937 The Mental Wizard
Apr. 1937 The Terror in the Navy
May. 1937 Mad Eyes
Jun. 1937 The Land of Fear
Jul. 1937 He Could Stop The World
Aug. 1937 Ost
Sep. 1937 The Feathered Octopus
Oct. 1937 Repel
Nov. 1937 The Sea Angel
Dec. 1937 The Golden Peril

Jan. 1938 The Living-Fire Menace
Feb. 1938 The Mountain Monster
Mar. 1938 Devil on the Moon
Apr. 1938 The Pirate's Ghost
May. 1938 The Motion Menace
Jun. 1938 The Submarine Mystery
Jul. 1938 The Giggling Ghosts
Aug. 1938 The Munitions Master
Sep. 1938 The Red Terrors
Oct. 1938 Fortress of Solitude
Nov. 1938 The Green Death
Dec. 1938 The Devil Genghis

Jan. 1939 Mad Mesa
Feb. 1939 The Yellow Cloud
Mar. 1939 The Freckled Shark
Apr. 1939 World's Fair Goblin
May. 1939 The Gold Ogre
Jun. 1939 The Flaming Falcons
July 1939 Merchants of Disaster
Aug. 1939 The Crimson Serpent
Sep. 1939 Poison Island
Oct. 1939 The Stone Man
Nov. 1939 Hex
Dec. 1939 The Dagger in the Sky

Jan. 1940 The Other World
Feb. 1940 The Angry Ghost
Mar. 1940 The Spotted Men
Apr. 1940 The Evil Gnome
May. 1940 The Boss of Terror
Jun. 1940 The Awful Egg
Jul. 1940 The Flying Goblin
Aug. 1940 Tunnel Terror 
Sep. 1940 The Purple Dragon
Oct. 1940 Devils of the Deep
Nov. 1940 The Awful Dynasty
Dec. 1940 The Men Vanished 

Jan. 1941 The Devil's Playground 
Feb. 1941 Bequest of Evil
Mar. 1941 The All-White Elf
Apr. 1941 The Golden Man
May. 1941 The Pink Lady
Jun. 1941 The Headless Men
Jul. 1941 The Green Eagle
Aug. 1941 Mystery Island
Sep. 1941 The Mindless Monsters
Oct. 1941 Birds of Death
Nov. 1941 The Invisible-Box Murders
Dec. 1941 Peril in the North

Jan. 1942 The Rustling Death 
Feb. 1942 Men of Fear
Mar. 1942 The Too-Wise Owl
Apr. 1942 The Magic Forest 
May. 1942 Pirate Isle
Jun. 1942 The Speaking Stone
Jul. 1942 The Man Who Fell Up
Aug. 1942 The Three Wild Men
Sep. 1942 The Fiery Menace
Oct. 1942 The Laugh of Death
Nov. 1942 They Died Twice
Dec. 1942 The Devil's Black Rock

Jan. 1943 The Time Terror
Feb. 1943 Waves of Death
Mar. 1943 The Black, Black Witch
Apr. 1943 The King of Terror
May. 1943 The Talking Devil
Jun. 1943 The Running Skeletons
Jul. 1943 Mystery on Happy Bones
Aug. 1943 The Mental Monster
Sep. 1943 Hell Below
Oct. 1943 The Goblins
Nov. 1943 The Secret of the Su
Dec. 1943 The Spook of Grandpa Eben

Jan. 1944 According to Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic
Feb. 1944 Death Had Yellow Eyes
Mar. 1944 The Derelict of Skull Shoal
Apr. 1944 The Whisker of Hercules
May. 1944 The Three Devils
Jun. 1944 The Pharaoh's Ghost
Jul. 1944 The Man Who Was Scared
Aug. 1944 The Shape of Terror 
Sep. 1944 Weird Valley
Oct. 1944 Jui San
Nov. 1944 Satan Black
Dec. 1944 The Lost Giant

Jan. 1945 Violent Night
Feb. 1945 Strange Fish
Mar. 1945 The Ten Ton Snakes
Apr. 1945 Cargo Unknown
May. 1945 Rock Sinister
Jun. 1945 The Terrible Stork
Jul. 1945 King Joe Cay
Aug. 1945 The Wee Ones
Sep. 1945 Terror Takes 7
Oct. 1945 The Thing That Pursued
Nov. 1945 Trouble on Parade
Dec. 1945 The Screaming Man

Jan. 1946 Measures for a Coffin
Feb. 1946 Se-Pah-Poo
Mar. 1946 Terror and the Lonely Widow 
Apr. 1946 Five Fathoms Dead
May. 1946 Death is a Round Black Spot
Jun. 1946 Colors for Murder
Jul. 1946 Fire and Ice
Aug. 1946 Three Times a Corpse
Sep. 1946 The Exploding Lake
Oct. 1946 Death in Little Houses
Nov. 1946 The Devil Is Jones
Dec. 1946 The Disappearing Lady

Jan. 1947 Target for Death
Feb. 1947 The Death Lady
Mar. 1947 Danger Lies East
May. 1947 No Light to Die By
Jul. 1947 The Monkey Suit
Sep. 1947 Let's Kill Ames
Nov. 1947 Once Over Lightly 

Jan. 1948 I Died Yesterday
Mar. 1948 The Pure Evil
May. 1948 Terror Wears No Shoes
Jul. 1948 The Angry Canary
Sep. 1948 The Swooning Lady

Jan. 1949 The Green Master
Apr. 1949 Return From Cormoral
Sep. 1949 Up From Earth's Center

Jul. 1979 The Red Spider

If you haven't read a Doc book, you're missing out. Now I can finally, at long last say I've read all the originals. Now it's onto the great volumes from Altus Press which are offering still more Doc Savage adventures by Doug Murray, often working from notes left by Lester Dent himself.

Doc Savage forever!

Rip Off


  1. Congratulations Rip!!! I too have a goal of reading all the Docs, but have not been as dedicated as yourself. I’m only at about 20 of the Street & Smith novels read off your impressive list, along with I think 6 of the newer Altus Press book by Will Murray. I hope to collect & read them all though. (Like you, I can see the retirement light at the end of the high-speed “flea run” pneumatic tube – so it may not happen till then.) I have recently acquired “The Red Spider” & hope to get to that one soon. (#182 of the old Bantam series) Again, well done sir!

    1. I well remember getting started and only hoped that Tollin's outfit would have enough success to see the project through. They have and it's been a blast following them. But ten years at anything can be a long time. I have a few Avenger volumes to read, along with more Shadows than I can readily count. I've been stacking them up for a long long time.

      Rip Off

  2. Hi Rip, I just wanted to chime in and thank you for all of the great art, comic and literature recommendations you've been posting on your blog.
    I've been lurking your site for a good while now and I'm always thoroughly entertained by the stories posted and your knowledge of the subject matter. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated. As for my "knowledge", I learned a long time ago that one this here internet there's always someone who knows more. I've learned a lot about things I once felt "expert" about.

      Rip Off

  3. Very true, but you got this guy's attention!

  4. Very true, but you got this guy's attention!


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