Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Rude Convergence!

In the avalanche of alternate covers which bombard the comics fan each and every month, it's easy to overlook some of the wheat which occasionally drift down with the overwhelming chaff. This "incentive cover" by Steve "The Dude" Rude for the sixth issue of DC's Convergence is just such an example. I didn't see this when it appeared last year, but I do rather like how Rude has...ahem...converged most of the Fourth World cast into a dynamic image.  Some of them get a bit lost in the glow but I see a lot of my favorites.

Here's a better look.

I don't know what Convergence was about, and I don't actually care since by this time any story points it might've yielded have been washed away in the latest DC reboot-revival-rehash which by my reckoning land in the shops about every year and half now. Many of my socks are older than the current DC universe. Just saying.

Go Dude!

Rip Off


  1. I must confess to liking Steve Rude's work, especially when he's doing Kirby characters. Had I seen this mag when it was on sale, I'd have bought it for that cover alone. Can't recall whether you've ever mentioned reading Rude's Superman/Hulk team-up, Rip, but it's one you should have if you don't already.

    1. I have that Superman Hulk book and it's a gem as you say. Rude can do little wrong; he's that good.

      Rip Off


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