Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Times Of Attu!

Attu is another intriguing collection from the great Sam Glanzman by Dover Books. The series was originally published by 4Winds Publishing, an imprint operated by comic artist Tim Truman. Truman is an artist clearly inspired by the work of Joe Kubert and Glanzman himself and opened the door for his mentor to do something different.

Concept sketches for Attu project appearing Amazing Heroes
The story is a science fiction and action yarn about a caveman who confronts not only the obligatory dinosaurs but the equally impossible aliens.

I never picked up either of the two volumes from 4 Winds when they emerged in 1989 and 1990.

But somehow I did get hold of Fantastic Worlds #1 and #2 which have more Attu stories by Glanzman. Doubtless I bought them at the time because of Glanzman even though neither has the artist do the cover. His character is featured on the debut issue but the art is by Steve Busti and Al Williamson.

Rich Buckler and Joe Sinnott create a knock out for the second and final issue of the run but it has nothing to do with Glanzman's creation.

Attu is due out late this summer and gathers together (according to the solicitation) the two published volumes of the story as well as an unpublished third volume.

Rejected cover for the Attu volume
In an interview Glanzman suggested there was yet another volume but no mention of it in the upcoming edition from Dover.

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  1. Just a wonderful concept and Glanzman is a true master. Just a wee side-note: I wrote a story that was to have been the cover feature for the never-published third issue of Fantastic Worlds, "No Man Can Stop...Toombora!" You can see an ad for it in FW issue #2, with cover art by Busti and Dick Ayers (Toombora was a tribute to the Lee/Kirby/Ayers Atlas monster mags). I eventually self-published "Toombora", hired Ayers to ink it, btw, in a couple of my Blue Moon titles. It's been reprinted a few times by various indy publishers, most recently by Will Lill Comics in Grafix Chronicles #4--in color at last! (Sorry to ramble, just couldn't resist bragging a bit upon seeing those wonderful FW covers!)


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