Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Sword Of Light!

This lovely temptress is the work of the great Sam Glanzman. Glanzman was at the top of his game in his last days at Charlton on the underrated Hercules comic. Glanzman had been getting more and more experimental in his page designs in that comic, robustly exploring the relationship between text and image.

Leaving Charlton behind, Glanzman was recruited by Joe Kubert (who had become an editor at DC) and worked there on various features. But he also did stories for others such as Warren Publications. The story "The Sword of Light" both written and drawn by Glanzman is his only work for Bill Warren's outfit, and it can be seen below in all its original black and white glory. He plays around with not only structure and layout but offers up several different texture combinations as well.  If you'd like to buy this complete story and the entirety of Glanzman's Warren work, check out this link. But if like me you have to limited yourself to merely enjoying the sumptuous drawings, then enjoy a master at work!

This story originally appeared in 1971's Vampirella #14 which sported a compelling Sanjulian cover. The interior also featured work by Nick Cuti and Tom Sutton, giving Charlton fans something to linger over indeed.

Rip Off


  1. Did Joe Kubert ink that story, Rip? I seem to see his style running through it.

    1. Nope. That's pure Glanzman! He and Kubert have very similar styles, at least in terms of texture. I'd imagine that's one reason Kubert was so eager to get Glanzman onto the war books when he took over, a stylistic synergy and real world knowledge to boot.

      Rip Off

  2. Just discovered this post...I remember reading this story as a kid, and being really freaked out by all the gruesome imagery. That page of the bisected warrior king was shockingly graphic!

    Of course, at the time I first read this, I didn't notice the significance of the sorceress' name "Tolrah"...yep, it's the old "spell it backwards" routine...


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