Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sleepy Holler!

In  a recent interview Sam Glanzman made reference to a project he attempted many years ago titled "Sleepy Holler", a proposal for a comic strip. Here's what he said:   

"I did one called "Sleepy Holler", about three brothers living up in the mountains -- me, and my two brothers Dave and Lew. I did lots of work on that one. Even presented it to some outfit for representation (I forget the name). The agents for that outfit took "Sleepy Holler" around to the syndicates with another comic strip, "Hagar the Horrible." I was told that the owner of one syndicate really loved mine. But, in the end, they picked up "Hagar." Mine didn't sell. I was this close!"

Just on a lark I went looking to see if there were any art samples from this proposed Glanzman strip and I lucked out. I've taken the liberty of breaking the panels apart so they read clearly, but below you will find the original in all its glory.  What's fascinating is that all three Glanzman brothers worked as artists in comics in its earliest days. Lew Glanzman went on to have a very successful career as a painter and passed away several years ago. For more on his painting go here. Sadly I can find no info on Davis C. Glanzman, Sam's other brother.

Nice gag, and as always Glanzman's artwork has a real charm and warmth to it. His lines are lush without being overwrought.

What might have been?

Rip Off


  1. I believe Davis C. Glanzman did production work at Charlton, but was not an artist. Steve Ditko credited him as the writer ("D.C. Glanzman") on some stories that were actually scripted by Ditko.

    1. Thanks for the information. Very interesting.

      Rip Off


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