Sunday, May 29, 2016

Planet Master!

For whatever reason I've never clapped eyes on Planet Master before, or at least never paid much attention to this vintage Batman villain. But when I did see him, I was most struck by his singular costume.

After showing up one time in the pages of a long ago issue of Detective Comics, this villain was revived as part of a gang of has-been and forgotten baddies to confront Batman's Outsider team.

Planet Master was a man who fell under the spell of the fumes from a meteorite which caused him to split off into a separate personality bent on crime, and who would commit those crimes in the most colorful way possible by creating distinctive identities based on the planets of the solar system.

Such as Mercury.

And Venus.

And Mars.

Then Jupiter.

And finally Saturn. This is the most famous costume of the villain and the one featured on the cover and in his revival, and the costume which got my attention.

Because to my eye this baddie looks dang familiar, whether in the pages of Detective Comics.

Or on the TV tube in a Batman cartoon.

I think Planet Master looks like a certain Captain of the Kree who landed here on Earth to fulfill a military mission and ended up saving the universe a few times or more.

What do you think?

Rip Off

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