Friday, May 20, 2016

Gumby Strikes Back!

While doing the grocery shopping the other day, I always take a moment to check out what new flicks might have tumbled onto the market, and I was delighted to find first of what is proposed to be two volumes gathering together the 1960's rendition of the classic Gumby television show. Created by Art Clokey in the 50's, Gumby was revived in the happenin' decade of my youth, and I'm glad to have these episodes to watch. They put me in the same mind as watching the vintage Fleisher Popeye cartoons, of entering into a completely other world of creativity and whimsy with just a dash of danger to make it all seem urgent. The creativity of the animation is remarkable and while Gumby and his pal Pokey have become cliches of sorts and the objects of satire, they remain durable fantasy heroes for the common man.

Here's what you get with this set. It matches up well with the 50's box set which landed on the shelves last fall and which I looked at here.

And now because it's just neat to do, here is a Gumby comic book gallery.

Rip Off

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