Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Future Quest Begins!

The debut issue of Future Quest was just about what I expected, and that's a good thing. The story was intriguing with key character moments spread out among what appears to be a large cast with some tasty and appropriate artwork. There's an easy assumption built into the story that all of the Hanna-Barbera heroes co-exist in the same universe and that as this story unfolds we will meet most if not all of them.


The premise is that from time to time holes appear around the world and particularly on Palm Key which provide glimpses of other times and places throughout the universe, and that potent material will sometimes be deposited. Something wants to get to Earth and is pushing its way in making these ruptures. That something is suggested to be quite dangerous and was the object of a deadly attack by a powerful outer space force in the story's prologue (which might be another origin for Space Ghost). This weird activity has drawn the interest of F.E.A.R. who have enlisted Dr.Zin to help acquire the materials which come through the gaps. (In the gaps Jonny and Hadji see outlines of Shazzan, the Galaxy Trio, the Heruloids, and more) To combat that potential Inter-Nation Security sends two of its agents (one of whom is Birdman) to consult with Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon. Among the things which fall from the sky are Tundro of the Herculoids and as the story's last page shows -- Space Ghost himself.


One of the surprises for me were eight or so pages of the comic drawn by Steve Rude. These pages frankly look like they might could be lifted out of the main story with little effect, but then you'd lose the fantastic splash page above and that would be a shame indeed. Eric Shaner's artwork overall is delightful, grace and precise and he offers up convincing translations of the classic characters.

The late Darwyn Cooke apparently did much of the redesign of some of the key characters and his contribution is felt throughout.

The book landed with a cavalcade of handsome alternate covers, which I will wait for the trade to collect (hopefully). Here they are.

Rip Off


  1. Just read the first ish last night. I'm going to do something with that comic I haven't done in, well, years. I'm gonna read it again! A joy of a comic!

    1. I was excited the moment I read about it and it fulfilled that promise. High adventure, complex and compelling, that's what Parker delivers.

      Rip Off


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