Friday, May 6, 2016

Free Comic Book Day 2016!

There's only one comic I'm eager to get my mitts on during the annual fest tomorrow, and that's a copy of The Phantom from Hermes Press sporting a handsome Jim Aparo cover. There seems to be little vintage material this year, with most of the big guys doing their usual and understandable attempt to hook into their next big event.

But I will confess that of the new material there is ROM The Spaceknight. This seems a perfect chance to see if the classic toy/hero has been refitted neatly for a new era, I know I really enjoyed the original run of this surprise hit back in the ancient days.

Free Comic Book Day has become something of an institution and I've found a bunch of fun comics over the last decade and a half. Too bad there's not more vintage stuff for the antiquated fanboy.

Rip Off

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