Thursday, May 12, 2016

Duality At The Drive-In!

This 1963 cover by Bob White for Pep from Archie Comics presents us with an interesting contrast. Archie Andrews and his frequent date, the raven-tressed Veronica Lodge get to see the latest flick from the relative comfort of his classic jalopy, though admittedly atop an unusually broad ladder. It's clever gag, but what grabbed my attention in this classic cover was the contrast in design of Archie and Veronica and the considerably more realistically rendered folks on the big screen. It's odd for an artist to call attention to the distortions necessary for the cartoon to work.

Several years later in 1966 a similar scene by Dan DeCarlo at another drive-in (Archie apparently has gotten some cash since) when he, Jughead Jones and his other paramour Betty Cooper watch a movie, the folks on screen look like they properly fit into the Archie universe.

Rip Off

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