Sunday, May 1, 2016

Activate The Opticon Scillometer!

On Saturdays in the month of May the focus here at the Dojo will be on DuMont's Captain Video and the Video Rangers, the mostly lost vintage TV series which informed much of what developed later on television, movies and comics during the 50's. Captain Video was a television show which directly blended the tried and true action tropes of the classic Western with the cutting edge vibe of Sci-Fi, as often the show itself used vintage Western adventures to fill out the time. Even the comics followed suit as we'll see. The show was filled with weirdly-named gadgets like the "Opticon Scillometer" and such which allowed Captain Video to see all over the world and which he used to fight villainy where he found it. There was a wide array of firsts associated with this seminal TV show and expect to see much of it here.

All throughout the month look for a lot of variety, as we take a month-long look in the Favorite Covers feature at comics which feature characters trying to hitch rides on rockets and missiles and all things ballistic. Like the bronco busters of the Old West, these modern riders seek to tame the power between their legs, a power distinctive to the 20th Century and beyond and symbolic of the constant struggle man has had with the things he can build. 

Of course there will be the usual gaggle of Charlton stuff and whatever else chances to catch my fancy. I've heard something about a movie coming up with some Marvel characters in it; should be interesting. So hang around for May as the Dojo enters its eighth year.

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