Wednesday, February 3, 2016

To Newhon And Back!

Several years ago I decried the lack of a collected volume featuring these uproarious tales of Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser from DC back in the 70's. Marvel had landed a hit with Conan and his Howardian ilk so DC dropped a the totally on-the-nose Sword of Sorcery onto the marketplace. The Leiber stories, begun in the 30's and still ongoing at the time this comic was produced appeared in collections all having the word "Swords" in the title, so it was apt I suppose. The duo got a try-out in Wonder Woman of all place before launching their own title. It ran a measly five issues,but featured stories by Denny O'Neill and artwork by up and comers like Howard Chaykin, Walt Simonson, and evern Jim Starlin. I'm very glad to have these stories in a handy volume at last. It should hit the shelves this summer.

Rip Off


  1. Was just revisiting these yesterday after seeing a 1970s ad online that revealed specifically which artists inked individual pages and panels in issues 1 and 2. Neal Adams, mainly, but also Alan Weiss, Jeff Jones, Alan Kupperberg, and several others NOT listed on IMDB.

    1. "The Crusty Bunkers" were a talented group. I always loved trying to figure out who was who when I saw that name in the credits.

      Rip Off


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