Monday, February 1, 2016

Origin Stories!

This should be fun. I'm digging out and dusting off my volumes of the seminal series from Fireside books which presented in trade paperback for the first time vintage tales from the vaults of Marvel Comics. The series, beginning with Origins of Marvel Comics attempted to market vintage tales from across the publisher's then still relatively brief history and have those stories put into some sort of context by the kahuna of Marvel, Stan "The Man" Lee. Of course Stan's notorious memory and out-sized need to make a good yarn caused him to burnish a few actual facts.

I want to take a gambol through the four volumes of the run, beginning with the first and take a look at the comic stories of course, some I haven't read for decades, but mostly to focus on how Stan characterized the evolution of the company for which he's still the most famous face.

There were four volumes in the run, so look each Saturday for another installment. Origins of Marvel Comics, Son of Origins of Marvel Comics, Bring on The Bad Guys, and The Superhero Women, great titles all. 

Also this month in the Favorite Covers feature look for some of Mighty Marvel's most dangerous dames to be showing up in some truly memorable cover appearances.

And this month look also for a bunch of movie reviews. Winter is when I catch up on my film watching, staying out of the elements and resting in front of a nice warm crackling TV screen. I've been watching a lot of vintage crime movies of various kinds, as well as some choice sci-fi as always.

See you tomorrow!

Rip Off


  1. I covered a few of these books on my own blog a couple of years or so back, but I'm looking forward to your posts. There's usually something I didn't know or hadn't seen before. Can't wait.

    1. Don't look for much in the way of the unknown. What I'm fascinated by so far is the out-sized personality of Stan as he fashions the history.

      Rip Off

  2. Sounds Like a great month. I'm looking forward to both of these segments. I don't have these origins books and you know I like looking at dames. :)


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