Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Future Quest!

Just learned about this intriguing project here. Many Hanna-Barbera projects were mentioned (a Flintstones reboot, another Scooby-Doo variation, etc.) but the only one I'll be getting is Future Quest which re-imagines (I hope not too much) the great Hanna-Barbera superheroes from TV all those many decades ago.

The Phantom Cruiser, The Herculoids and The Quest Team by Eric Shaner
If this artwork is any indication, they are cleaving relatively close to the originals which being designed by Alex Toth were always exceedingly sleek and modern.

Space Ghost, Meteor Man and Coil-Man battle a Rogues Gallery by Shaner
I will happily add one new comic to my list if it promises stories as handsome as these glimpses from artist Evan Shaner suggest.

Jonny and Hadji See a Ghost by Shaner
The article linked above mentions Jeff Parker as the writer and that's a solid choice as he's someone who's done some smart things with classic and nigh-forgotten heroes in the past. (Agents of Atlas was one of the last Marvel Comics I thought got it right.)

Darwyn Cooke (Love the darker Frankenstein Jr.)
This will be a great reason to dig out those dvd collections and give those Hanna-Barbera greats another viewing (as if I needed a reason). 

Looking forward to this one...in the future (as Criswell once said).

Rip Off

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