Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Golden Derby - January 1966!

Fifty years ago this month Charlton put out yet another range of genre comics. In the new "Action Hero" line was Thunderbolt by Pete Morisi (P.A.M.) and he's up against two super-villains, his arch nemesis The Hooded One and an evil queen from the mists of time Evila. T-Bolt takes over the numbering of Son of Vulcan with fifty-one, as SoV had taken over the numbering of Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds. On the western front Gunmaster and Bullet The GunBoy continue to defend civilization as a team of masked vigilantes. Cheyenne Kid works in the wilderness as he battles the natives. Black Fury ends its venerable run (the last of many horse heroes in comics) as the magnificent horse continues to battle the creatures of the wild. And wildness describes the competition Ken King along with Clint Curtis and the Road Knights find on the racetracks of the world in the pages of Hot Rods and Racing Cars. Charlton was the one company that actually produced significant series in the slim hot rod category and those stories hold up reasonably well even all these years later.

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