Wednesday, December 9, 2015

THUNDERous Applause!

Finally IDW released the sixth and final volume collecting up the original run of Tower Comics' T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (including spin-offs Dynamo and NoMan). While these reprints are not ideal in every way, they are handsome enough and offer the vintage 60's saga in a handy-to-read format unlike any I've possessed.

Here are the final issues of the classic original run which are included in this latest volume, which sadly does not feature one of these great recreation covers by Ryan Brown. This one is only credited to Wally Wood, though clearly it's been given a brush up. All the new material from the final issues is here right up through the finale which featured only a few pages of fresh material.

These tales are less impressive than their mighty legend, not unlike the beloved EC Comics, but nonetheless they are worthy stories which showcase the strengths and weaknesses of Silver Age comics thoroughly. Wally Wood and company (Dan Adkins and Ralph Reese mostly) are at their best as are Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, Chic Stone, Reed Crandall, and so many others. Artistically George Tuska and Mike Sekowsky turn in some strong work but alas the stories lack much of the spy glamour which attaches to the more atmospheric Wood stuff.

Rip Off


  1. Lovely covers, Rip. I wonder if they'll release a 7th volume in the series, like DC did? Although the Wood art was great in the original run of comics, the stories didn't quite have the characterization that Marvel had, which was a bit of a shame. Interesting to speculate what they might have been like if Woody and Co had done them with Stan Lee, eh?

    1. I'll have to agree. The essence of these books is in their art and the high concept which blended some intriguing superheroes with espionage, both hot trends of the time. The reality is that some of the stories creak with a vibe more from the 50's than the sleek 60's.

      I'd love to see another volume with the Deluxe and JC comics material, but I don't hold my breath. I'm just happy they finished the original stuff, so I have now in handy to have volumes. My collector's essence is sated...for now.

      Rip Off


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