Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Color Of Trump!

My daughter pointed this product out to me, a wry satirical rendering of the current political phenomenon called "Trump". I've made my opinion clear on this demagogue, a man who seems more in love with himself than any other single thing. That the media have become increasingly inured to his ravings is more than a bit distressing. That he has caught the fancy of a not insignificant segment of the U.S. population is at once revealing and a little terrifying.

The economic pressures in this country which have been growing steadily really since the 1980's have created a chasm between the "haves" and "have-nots", and such perceived splits can be dangerous things because they will by necessity correct themselves and sometimes that correction will yield damaging consequences. Trump is one of the consequences in my estimation, a man who recognizes resentment and toys with it for his own immediate benefit, if not his country's.  But my favorite economic columnist David Kay Johnson put it best in a recent column in which he says what I believe about how the woes of our time are being used by those who really should ask us all to aspire to our better angels.

And then there's this.

Thanks Neuman.

Rip Off

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