Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oceans A' Liftin'!

Found this French comic book cover featuring Popeye the Sailor Man in the class Atlas pose.

Atlas of course was the Titan who was punished by being forced to bear the weight of the world on his mighty shoulders for all of time.

The Popeye cover though reveals that Popeye's might here, projected to godlike proportions is actually somewhat mocked by Swee'Pea's similar hoisting of a mere globe.

Rip Off


  1. He was sentenced to carry the 'vault of the sky' on his shoulders :) a minor diff, but a significant one :D it was also a part of the "hidden truths" that old stories carry from cultures around the world, namely that the sky used to be lower than it is now & was raised to its present height within our/human memory :) my own ppl's stories talk about how four brothers raised the sky to it's present height using four houseposts, & cite that the treeline on the mountains used to be lower than it is now :) which is corroborated by modern scientists who state that an oxygen-bearing meteor fell to earth at some point in the past...increasing the amount of O2 in the atmosphere (& leading to the decline of the dinosaurs & "there were giants in thise days", as life organisms grow slower but *much* larger in CO2-rich environments compared to straight O2 ones :D)...jus fyi :)

  2. Pencils: Pierluigi Sangalli
    Inks: Sandro Dossi


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