Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Darkseid War 100-Page Spectacular!

Underneath this Ryan Sook cover featuring Mister Miracle and Darkseid along with weirdo versions of DC heroes I almost recognize are some classic reprints of some of the foundational documents of Jack "King" Kirby's "Fourth World". The Darkseid War 100-Page Super Spectacular is a rich package available just in time for the holidays.

In Forever People #1 we meet the craziest kid gang Kirby ever dreamed up and are introduced to Supertown (New Genesis) and the epic struggle which has broken loose and come down to Earth at last.

That struggle is front center in New Gods #1 when the grim Orion battles Darkseid for the Earth and the Universe and everything. As the cover says it is indeed "an epic for our times".

Meanwhile in Mister Miracle #1 we meet Scott Free, a handsome engaging young drifter who takes on the garb and reputation of the legendary escape artist to fight for his own life and the lives of everyone everywhere.

The secrets ae uncovered at last in New Gods #7 featuring arguably the best single story Kirby ever produced -"The Pact". We learn of the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, two worlds in opposition led by men more alike than different and the transformation which comes to both when they agree to a terrible bargain meant to save the universe but which sows the seeds of battle in the future.

Great stuff! If you've never visited the Fourth World, this is an ideal sampler plate for the new fan.

Rip Off

P.S. Note after buying this I find not a single page of explanation in the volume for these stories, not even a table of contents. I can only imagine the effect this package would have on a kid getting it without any context, a trove of wonders. 

Rip Off Again

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