Thursday, September 10, 2015

All-Star Comics - Large And Small!

DC's Famous First Editions, a tabloid reprint magazine showcased the Justice Society of America, specifically their debut in All-Star Comics #3. This earliest attempt to assemble heroes within a single adventure found a formidable structure as can be seen in this detailed annotation of the contents.

Later on another tabloid, the JSofA gets a back cover showcase by artist Dick Giordano in what is actually Limited Collectors' Edition Justice League of America reprint package. Note how the back cover art by Giordano mirrors the front cover by Neal Adams which Giordano inked.

Many moons later, the reprints go a decidedly different direction when DC starts to use digests to showcase vintage material as they had done with tabloids nearly a decade before.

One of the earliest is this issue of Blue Ribbon Digest which reprinted a Golden Age adventure alongside the story which brought the team back into the Bronze Age in their own comic book for the first time. 

One of the best is the issue of Blue Ribbon Digest which reprints the origin of the Justice Society from DC Presents alongside some Golden Age tales of the team. The George Perez cover is a charmer from the get-go, though the diminutive size of the presentation undermines it a bit.

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